Sony MDR-RF985R Replacement Earpads - Suitable for other RF series Headphones

  • These replacement earpads have been crafted specifically for the for Sony MDR-RF985R / RF985RK headphones, plus older RF970R 960R RF925R RF860F models. A soft and comfy inner foam structure, all wrapped in super soft Leather material. 

    Brainwavz replacement earpads will give you that box-fresh feeling you get when you first put on your new Sony headphones, and you will rediscover the sound and comfort you didn’t even know was missing – new earpads - bringing headphones back to life.

Designed for Sony

These earpads have been created for the following models:

  1. MDR-RF985R
  2. MDR-RF985RK
  3. MDR-RF970R
  4. MDR-RF960R
  5. MDR-RF925R
  6. MDR-RF860F