Hengja - The Desk Headphone Hanger

The Brainwavz Hengja is an all-metal, adjustable headphone hanger, suitable for large or small headphones of almost any size and weight. It’s a sturdy, stylish and truly adaptable accessory for those that need a little organisation in their lives.

The Hengjas’ party trick lies in its adjustability, allowing it to be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, as well as adapting to different surface thicknesses – Hengja, the original and still the best.

HENGJA - VERTICAL - Twist the clamp using the supplied tool and the Hengja can be attached to shelving, table legs or any other vertical surface - great for organising that headphone collection.

HENGJA - HORIZONTAL - Horizontal position, for use on desktops, tables and shelves - perfect for workstations when editing or gaming - keep those headphones tidy, safe and secure at all times.



  • Headphone accessory
  • Horizontal use on desks, tables and shelves
  • Vertical use on shelving units
  • All-Metal Construction


  • Weight : 112g
  • Clamp Depth : 40mm
  • Plate Depth : 50mm
  • Plate Width : 45mm
  • Max Clamp Size : ~40mm
  • Min Clamp Size : ~14mm
  • Material : All Metal

Included Accessories

  • Screwdriver / Allen Key Multi Tool


  1. User Guide : Adjust Clamp Orientation
  2. User Guide : Adjust clamp size
  3. Information : Min and Max Clamp Size
  4. Video Guide : Watch on YouTube